****Review**** Falling with Style by CM Foss



Lawrence and Steph Brooks spent years fighting their love, and then they fought their way back to each other. After earning their happy, swoon-worthy ending, they were intent on keeping it.

But a few years, a fledgling business, and a couple of kids later, Steph and Lawrence learn that falling in love was the easy part and happily ever after isn’t for sissies. With life bearing down on them, they can’t always escape the fall, but they can do it with style.

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Barnes and Noble-http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/falling-with-style-cm-foss/1123596618?ean=2940152843477


My Review

This was such a good quick read. Lawrence and Steph are still finding their way through a new business, and having toddlers. I loved seeing them struggle like real people do (while fiction is fun, sometimes it’s nice to see the heroine is a hot mess when waking up also 😉 ) I loved how CM Foss added in the struggles of a wounded soldier coming home, and some of the harsh reality they face in their home life. Overall, the book was a great, fun read, and I would definitely recommend one clicking it!!


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