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imageBroken Girl Synopsis:

My name is ROSE NEWTON, and I sell my body on the streets of San Francisco. I’m what you call society’s dirty little secret. On the outside, I’m in control, the woman who makes her own rules and gives nothing away for free. Inside, I’m broken and numb. Torn and shattered by my past, my life is nothing more than the lost fragments of what’s left of me. SHANE WEST represents everything that’s foreign to me. He’s brave, kind, funny, gorgeous and persistent. When fate brings us face to face, an undeniable attraction blazes between us. He becomes the constant I’ve never had and the only man I’ll ever trust. There is nothing simple about falling in love when you’re keeping a secret like mine. *Reader’s discretion advised. Certain content might not be suitable for some readers.

Tender romantic young lovers
Tender romantic young lovers holding each other in a close intimate embrace , view from behind the bare back of the man

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Broken-Girl-Gretchen-O/dp/0997479213/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465708523&sr=8-1&keywords=broken+girl+gretchen+de+la+o

Close up black and white portrait of a loving couple
Close up black and white portrait of a loving young couple

My Review


This book is a must read!!

It starts out with a prologue that draws you in, and makes you realize what can drive a person to do what they do as an adult.

My heart broke for Rose, as she faced her demons daily, but didn’t seem to be doing a very good job of dealing with it. She’s the type of heroine you would want in your corner if you ever went to battle, but has a vulnerable side to her also. I LOVED Shane’s character. He brought out a side of Rose that she kept locked away, and had her questioning what she always thought of herself.

Gretchen de la O had a way of drawing me in to this story, and feeling the pain that the characters were going through. She gave just enough information to keep me holding my breath, wondering what would happen next, without overstepping certain triggers.

A different kind of love story, one of tragedy, being at an all time low, and finally healing, this has it all.

I would definitely recommend reading this book!!

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Sexy muscular naked man and female hands unbuckle his jeans on a dark background

Gretchen de la O Bio:

Gretchen de la O, is a writer of romantically unique stories. A proclaimed positive energy infuser by people who know her, she finds joy in helping those around her discover their creative process. Gretchen is a firm believer that anything is possible if you set your mind to it; and what you expect out of life, always finds a way of showing up. She’s authentic in her dedication to her own creative process, finds strength in her spirituality, and is always looking for the bright spot in every situation.  


Gretchen released her first novel, Almost Eighteen in September of 2011,  the first in a three book new adult student/teacher romance, The Wilson Mooney Series. In November of 2012, she followed with book two, Eighteen at Last, and concluded the series with Beyond Eighteen in October, 2013. Her Fourth novel, PROTOTYPE, a romantic suspense, the first book in the Possession Series was released in October 2014. BROKEN GIRL, Gretchen’s fifth novel, is a standalone contemporary romance slated to be released April 29th, 



 Website: www.gretchendelao.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/booksbygretchendelao

Twitter: www.twitter.com/GretchendelaO

Instagram: www.instagram.com/GretchendelaO

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/delaogk

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/gdelao


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